Sonntag, 8. November 2009

Why the Berlin wall is not in Israel

If I hear it again, I will throw up. Again, and again I hear the same when talking about the anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down : how it should remind the world how "walls will never be able to "separate people", and how all other walls like the one in Israel and between the US and Mexico (interesting that it is the latter that is LESS mentioned) will come down too.

To all the liars, un-informed and one-sided of the world: The wall between Israel and Palestine and the Berlin Wall have nothing else in common, than well, being a structure made of concrete. But the reason the Berlin Wall was built was to keep their own people prisoners, to avoid them escaping. The Israeli wall is built to protect the Israeli people. Whatever reasons there might be against that wall and the means how it is being constructed are a different point, and have nothing, but nothing to do with the Berlin Wall.

Or to put it clear and straight to the point: The Berlin Wall was there to hurt the "Berliner", the Israeli Wall's aim to protect the Israelis.

As a German I can only feel sorry and ashamed that people all over the world use the symbol of the partition of my country to denigrate the people of Israel, whose well-being is one of the cores of German policy.

As a citizen of the world and a cultured person it makes me angry, seeing how one of the world's most powerful symbols of freedom is being used by anti-semites. They should be ashamed.

And to those who may find exagerrrated the label of "antisemite" for those, who constantly blame Israel for all the bad in the world and focus only on this tiny country: Why, for a change, don't they denounce the wall between the Spanish territories Ceuta and Melilla (both on African soil) and Marroco. Why don't they come to the help of the Muslim Uigur minority in China, why do we hear so few about the still existing frontiers in the former Yugoslavia, that won't let people live on either side of the ethnic fence. And: How about Corea, a nation still divided? All of these: forgotten...


  1. Well - go and take a look at the Israeli wall from the Palestinian side - - then it definitely is a prison's wall. What else than a huge open air prison is Gaza today, for 1.5 million people living in third generation without even having a citizenship?

  2. Why didn't Egypt give them citizenship while they were part of their territority, the way Germany did with their 12-14 Million refugees, or rather expelled people from the now Polish territory. They have been integrated into the German society and not been left in refugee camps for the third generation. If we had dealt with the problem of expellees the way the Arab Countries did with the Palestininas we would have had another Polish-German (or world?) war instead of celebrating this beautiful day we did today.

  3. cabia esperar.... La 2 Noticias, the second spanish public channel just openend it's news with pictures of the wall....surprise, surprise. Of course being the modern, fresh, "progre" news - trying to give their news this cool twist it was YES! the Israeli-Palestine wall, NOT the Berlin wall. They feel so good, so proud - no mention of their own wall of shame in Africa, no mention of Corea...always Israel. Arrogance and ignorance always go hand in hand in Spain.... Nothing more to say, really....

  4. Good Morning!

    The purpose of the Berlin Wall was to prevent the mass departure of Germans from central Germany.

    The purpose of the wall built by Israel is intended to prevent terrorist attacks by Palestinian terrorists.

    So that the nature of both walls is totally different: the first was a wall of repression and the second is a wall of protection.

    I don't like any wall, but I recognize that in the case of the israelis, the wall seems necessary.

    Nevertheless, I hope it is a temporary wall... and someday the two peoples can live in peace and tranquility, freedom and responsibility :)

    Best regards from Germany

  5. I'm German and I don't want to take sides in this discussion, just remind you that everything is a question of perspective.

    The Berlin wall was, from the view of the communist party, a means to "protect" their citizens from the dangers of capitalism.
    If you see the Israel wall as a means of protection or opression probably depends as well which side of it you're standing on, or, which side of the conflict you favour.